Rena Veropoulidou

Land and marine mollusc analyst

Rena Veropoulidou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Univ. of Thessaloniki) is the SArPedon Project land and marine mollusc analyst. She studied archaeology (BA, MA, PhD) at the Univ. of Thessaloniki. Her PhD (2011) explored mollusc and shell consumption in prehistoric (6700-1000 BCE) Northern Greece based on large archaeomalacological assemblages from several sites. Rena has experience working on many projects as an archaeomalacologist throughout mainland Greece (e.g. Makriyalos, Revenia, Paliambela, Kleitos, Toumba, Methoni) and Crete (Knossos, Little Palace North, Palaikastro, Trypiti, Kato Zakros). Her research interests focus on the development of new methodologies for analysing and interpreting shells, the dynamic interplay between people and their environment, methodological and theoretical aspects of food consumption and craft technologies (including ornament manufacture and purple-dye production), and social and ideological dimensions of coastal activities.