Laura Matilde Magno

PhD Student, UCLouvain (CEMA-INCAL)

Geoarchaeology - Micromorphology

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PhD Project

Human Impact and Site Formation Processes In The Late Bronze Age Central And Eastern Mediterranean: Anthropogenic Sediments, Built Environment, And Cultural Dynamics.

Supervisors : Dr. Prof. Jan Driessen (UCLouvain, AegIS) & Dr. Prof. Alessandro Vanzetti (La Sapienza, Rome)


  • Since 2017 : PhD Candidate in Aegean Archaeology (Pre-Doctoral Fellow M-H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science ASCSA) at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain – Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium).

  • 2015 : Master of Arts, Archaeology at University La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)

  • 2012 : Bachelor of Arts, Western and Eastern Archaeology and Culture at University La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)

Research topics

  • Geoarchaelogy, Micromorphology,

  • Cultural Sediments, Anthrosols,

  • Mediterranean & Environmental Archaeology,

  • Mediterranean Bronze Age.

Field projects

  • Since 2017 : Micromorphology specialist of the Belgian Archaeological Project of Sissi (Crete, Greece) - dir. Jan Driessen (UCLouvain, Belgian School of Athens).

  • Since 2016 : Micromorphology specialist of Belgian Excavation Project of Pyla (Cyprus) - dir. Joachim Bretschneider (UGhent), Jan Driessen (UCLouvain) and Athanasia Kanta.

  • Since 2016 : Archaeologist (Trench supervisor) in the Palace of Nestor, Pylos (Messenia, Greece) - dir. Shari Stocker and Jack Davis (UCincinnati).

  • Since 2016 : Geoarchaeologist of the Cannatello project, Agrigento (Sicily), dir. Alessandro Vanzetti (La Sapienza).

Choice of publications/conferences (5 max.)

2020 AIA Annual Meeting 2020, Washington DC – Paper: Investigating cultural sediments at Sissi through Microarchaeology. Session 3E “Between the Mountains and the Sea: Exploring Sissi on Crete”

2018 EAA 2018, Barcelona - Main author of the paper “Degraded earth-building material of a Recent bronze age hut: sediment characterization through combined geoarchaeological analytical techniques at Broglio di Trebisacce.” Session n. 557 “Geoarchaeology of Bronze Age Europe” organized by C. Nicosia et al.

2016 HESPEROS. The Aegean seen from the West, Ioannina, Greece. Co-author of the paper “The Oenotrian side of the LBA Mediterranean network”