Antoine Laugrand

PhD Student, UCLouvain (LAAP) - FRESH-FNRS


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PhD Project

To Sit in Places. Comparing Mountain Peoples’ experiences of space among Indigenous groups of the Philippines.

Advisor : Prof. Anne-Marie Vuillemenot (UCLouvain, LAAP)


- Since 2019 : PhD in social and political sciences (Anthropology) at UCLouvain (Belgium)

- (2017-2019) : MA in Anthropology at UCLouvain (Belgium)

- (February-June 2017) Certificate of Chinese Language Program, at Shanghai International Studies University (China)

- (2014-2017) BA in Anthropology, at Université Laval (Canada)

Research Topics

Anthropology of Space and of the Human Body (participatory and digital mapping, ethnography of walking)

Indigenous Knowledge (animals, religions, rituals, shamanism)

Visual Anthropology

Comparison of indigenous societies in Austronesia

Current field projects (with annual visits)

- Since 2015 : Anthropologist among the Blaan of Mindanao (Philippines)

- Since 2016 : Anthropologist among the Alangan Mangyan of Mindoro (Philippines)

- Since 2016 : Anthropologist among the Ibaloy of Benguet (Philippines)

Choice of 5 Publications

- (under press) Laugrand Antoine, Des nomades à l’arrêt. Corps et lieux chez les Blaan de Malbulen, Philippines. Louvain-la-Neuve, Academia-L’Harmattan, coll. Anthropologie prospective.

- (under press), Laugrand Antoine, “Owners and Occupants. Mapping the Blaan of Malbulen (Davao Occidental, Philippines)”, South East Asia Research, Mindanao special edition.

- (2020) Laugrand Antoine et Frédéric Laugrand, “La leçon anthropologique des chauves-souris. La crise du covid-19 vue à l’envers”, La vie des idées (, 7 avril 2020.

- (2020) Laugrand Frédéric, Laugrand Antoine, Magapin Gliseria, and Jazil Tamang, “Exchanging with the dead. Exhuming Human Remains among the Ibaloy of Upper Loacan (Philippines)”, Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land-en Volkenkund.

- (2018) Laugrand Antoine, “Saglà kurà. Les combats de chevaux chez les Blaans de Mindanao (Philippines)”,, 36 (online),